About Us Our belief is that every dog deserves a forever home.

Bali Dog Foundation
Our Mission
Doing ALL we can, together!

Our first order of business is feeding Bali dogs.
A Raw food diet is becoming more popular all around the world.
We are working with two initial sponsors who are helping us to create food to help those who are already helping Bali rescue dogs.

We respect the mission is to give these homeless Bali Dogs who have so little hope they deserve, through rescue, foster and adoption.

The Bali Rescue dogs operation relies on a large network of fosters in Bali to help provide our dogs with love and care during the transition from rescue to adoption.  We provide the best quality fresh Raw Food packages to the real hero’s, those doing the work of adopting, fostering & rescuing these animals in need. 

We provide food for up to 100+ dogs at a time. This work requires a lot of time & energy to source, prepare and then deliver the dog food to the right places. Over 90% of every dollar generated goes to the rescue of Bali dogs.

How you can Help, all your Questions Answered

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. —Roger Caras

Spaying, neutering and visits to the vets are expensive Bali Dog Foundations spend a lot of money on making sure all rescued pets are spayed and neutered. There is also often the case that rescue centres take in animals that are in very bad conditions, so all costs related to vet visits, medical assistance and care can be very high. Donating food or pet supplies can help the needy animal rescues a great deal who have to handle so many costs on a day-to-day basis.


It's a tiring job but someone has to do it. We believe in doing ALL we can, together! That means working with corporate sponsors and tourism visitors as well as expats and locals who love #balidogs.