Many of our Donors are dog lovers themselves. Though not all own a dog! For those that have a pet at home you probably understand just how much it costs to care for your pet. With food, vaccinations, flea and tick medicines, toys, beds and DOG’tors/medical assistance can really add up, right?!

That is what our rescuers have to deal with everyday, but multiplied often times at over 40+ animals at one time. Villa Kitty currently has over 200+, with quite a few puppies also sleeping safely there now.
The financial challenge is a stressor that we hope at to help with.

Firstly by bringing food to the rescuers. Specifically we pick up meat and bones from OZ Britts , our first Donor of valuable meats and bones which we then deliver to several of our Rescuers. As we develop this site, with more info we will share their Hero stories with you by videos and with testimonials about just how hard they work.

We all have our personal financial struggles, economies get bullish and then there’s the dip. Vet bills pile up and the constant reminders to pay the outstanding bills weigh heavily on our Rescuer families.

The relief when a vet bill gets cleared is one of the ways you can have a direct impact on how many puppies can get saved, re-homed and receive quality medical care.

Another way you can help is by donating several items we need to take our work to the next phase. We urgently require a fridge, a freezer and a food mixer (very strong one from a commercial kitchen) to enable us to start receiving more meat from other donors and distributing this food, as a way of earning fresh cash by creating our own Raw Dog Food. For pet owners in Bali who want to switch to a healthier food for their hounds. All proceeds from this venture will be used to pay/help with Vet bills for the rescuers.

Finally we are securing our space/land in 2018 where we will create Bali’s first Retirement Home for Bali Dogs. Built around an eco-resort which will feature simple accommodation for our loving donors and people who just want to hang with hounds on their holidays!

This will be our BIG drive. A one of a kind in the world adventure space, where you can become a member. More about that as we get closer to securing the land and our latest architectural drawings are finalised.