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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Do you need Volunteers?

If you have skills, we can use them!

Bali Dog Foundation has a broad range of volunteer opportunities, from assisting at adoption events by walking dogs, to transporting dogs, to helping plan and organize fundraising events!


Question: How can I adopt a Bali Dog?

The fate of Bali dogs when not abandoned or abused is often a culling,
though many are working to ban this outrageous practice the sad fact is that there are about 400,000 dogs who need care. These animals are abandoned, homeless, scared, and they deserve a second chance.


Question: Adopting a Bali dog as a pet

Are pets for adoption healthy?
YES. All of the dogs rescued by Bali Dog Foundation are seen by a veterinarian prior to adoption to receive all of their vaccinations and be spayed/neutered.
Every pet adopted from Bali Dog Foundation comes with all of the vet records for your reference.


Question: How do I choose the right Pet for Adoption?

The best way to know that a dog is right for your family is to meet that dog, evaluate it in person, speak with the dog’s foster family, review any behavioral assessments, and do an honest evaluation on whether you feel it would be a good fit – taking into consideration the advice and recommendation from other vested parties including volunteers/foster families of Bali Dog Foundation.


Question: How can I foster a Bali Dog in my home?

Foster care is the most crucial yet scarcest ingredient in dog rescue. Fosters provide the invaluable love and care that a dog needs in the transition period from rescue to adoption. Foster parents temporarily provide food, care and shelter in their villa for rescue dogs until a fur-ever home can be found.  


Question: What happens if we decide we want to keep our foster dog?

This is not uncommon and is lovingly termed a “foster fail” – in fact, we usually give first priority to the fosters to adopt their dog in this case. However, this requires a good fit for the dog and any adoptions even by fosters must be approved by Bali Dog Foundation and may be denied at our sole discretion, as our priority is finding the best home for the dog.


Question: Financial Responsibilities for your Bali Foster Dog

We greatly appreciate our foster parents, but we also understand that being a foster parent is not for everyone. It’s a very serious responsibility! If you are interested in being a foster parent for Bali Dog Foundation please download an application.