How to pick the right Bali dog for you


What if I pick the wrong dog?

All dogs have different personality and the best pet for your family will vary greatly depending on your family’s wants and needs, activity levels, commitment to training, and a whole range of other factors. It is always best to do some honest reflection prior to adoption to know what kind of pet will be well-suited for your home. How much time will you be willing to allocate to exercise, training, and so on?

Every dog requires some level of exercise, discipline, training (and of course love and affection) but some will require more than others. While it is true that certain breeds will typically have certain requirements it is not necessarily true on the individual dog level.

The best way to know that a dog is right for your family is to meet that dog, evaluate it in person, speak with the dog’s foster family, review any behavioral assessments, and do an honest evaluation on whether you feel it would be a good fit – taking into consideration the advice and recommendation from other vested parties including volunteers/foster families of Bali Dog Foundation.

Finally, please know that even the most well-intentioned matches do not always work out, for whatever reason. That is why we insist that all adopters agree to return a dog to Bali Dog Foundation if for any reason the dog is not a good fit in your home. If you come to this decision within 30 days of adoption, we will refund the adoption fee less a rehoming fee of 400,000RB.