Financial Responsibilities for your Foster Dog


Financial Responsibilities

While the dog is in foster care, we work to cover all veterinary care at our approved vets.
Any care at a non-partner vet must be approved in advance and may be denied.
We will also work to provide food for the dog in your care.
We provide a collar and tag for all foster dogs. All other supplies including but not limited to dog beds, dog toys, specialty harnesses or collars, training tools, and treats are not the financial responsibility of Bali Dog Foundation but may be provided at the foster family’s discretion.

FAQ: What happens if we decide we want to keep our foster dog?

This is not uncommon and is lovingly termed a “foster fail” – in fact, we usually give first priority to the fosters to adopt their dog in this case. However, this requires a good fit for the dog and any adoptions even by fosters must be approved by Bali Dog Foundation and may be denied at our sole discretion, as our priority is finding the best home for the dog.

We greatly appreciate our foster parents, but we also understand that being a foster parent is not for everyone. It’s a very serious responsibility! If you are interested in being a foster parent for Bali Dog Foundation please download an application.